Our goal at Feromone Robotics is to make search and rescue safe, effective, and simple. We utilize drone technology to achieve this mission. Whether it’s assisting rescuers combat forest fires, aiding during house fires, or to help locate a lost hiker, our drones make rescuer’s jobs safer and easier.



We are working with teams in situations where there is a lack of communication or other technical issues.



Our technology will enhance teams with the ability to enter buildings or any other hard to reach place remotely.


Our goal is to help firefighters work through dangerous situations safely by enhancing their utility arsenal with our swarm technology.

Total Annual Injuries

Annual Police Injuries

Annual Search & Rescue Injuries

Annual Firefighter Injuries



We understand the importance of communication. To support this emphasis, the drones relay radio information to & from the field. At Feromone Robotics, we firmly believe the difference of having clear information and communication during a crisis is the difference between having control of a situation and simply reacting to one. 

Situational awareness

In order to provide awareness, Feromone’s drones are stocked with a dual camera system. Our software will create a 3D representation of the environment, as well as a bird’s eye aerial view of the situation below. The drones make use of a wide range of sensors for additional feedback to ensure each situation can be completed quickly & safely.

AI Control

Feromone drones work autonomously with innovative swarm technology to assess situations with minimal human interaction. What does that mean? They require no pilot to operate them. Simply point them in the right direction and the drones will do the rest. 



Step 1

Observe ant behavior.

Step 2

Ideation through robotics.

Step 3

Team Development.

Step 4

Create. Innovate.

Our Inspriration

Search & Rescue made Safe, Effective, Simple. This is the motto that helped us found the company back in 2015. The problem to solve was the lack of assistance for Search and Rescue Missions, so we came up with a solution. That solution being hi-tech autonomous drones designed to assist in emergency situations. To fulfill this mission, every day our dedicated, devoted, and diligent team works relentlessly towards achieving our goal.


Corey Hulse

Corey Hulse

Lead Software Engineer

I’m with Feromone because I’m able to challenge myself and improve in ways that I love while being able to help people in a truly unique way.
Alex Opstad

Alex Opstad

Lead Marketing and Business

I joined Feromone Robotics because I want to take advantage of any opportunity to help people and Feromone Provides that opportunity to do so.

Want to join us?

We are always looking for dedicated people just like us to join our team! If you think you have what it takes to join our team, go down below and contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from ya! Just send us your Resume and a Cover letter on why you would want to join Feromone Robotics!



Team Building

In the past few weeks, we have introduced new members into the Feromone Robotics family.


While our prototypes are being field tested, we have been working on integrating all of the autonomous software features of our drones.


We have been speaking with all our future potential clients and getting Feromone’s name out to the community.

Ham Radio Licenses

Members of our group have acquired ham radio licenses to expand our knowledge on radio communication and equip Fermone’s drones with cutting edge wireless communication.

Feromone Robotics

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Our team is excited to speak with you! We focus on your needs, and are currently looking to connect with any interested partners, organizations, and experts to bring revolutionary technology to search and rescue.
We are building our community so that we can share our updates with you as we continue to develop our technology.

We look forward to keeping you updated on the events and competitions we participate in, as well as how our technology develops. Please feel free to inquire about how we can help you in the future.

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